It is the policy of Aspull Engineering Company Limited (Company Registration No. 5760449) to work within the guidelines of the Duty of Care.


It is the policy of the group to use only those contractors who hold a current Control of Waste Certificate, whenever disposing of our waste products.


It is the policy of the group to offer for recycling any of those waste products that can be considered reusable.


It is the policy of the group to purchase whenever possible those articles which have been made from recycled material, or those goods which are from a sustainable sourcea


Not withstanding any of the above, Aspull Engineering Co. Limited will continue to ensure that all goods, services, waste products and emissions will be adequately monitored to ensure that all our activities do not have an adverse effect on the environment.


This policy will be reviewed for continued effectiveness and current sustainability periodically.


Policy first incorporated 12th February 1999.